Why we work with FocalPoint Business Coaching

Why We Work With FocalPoint Business Coaching

Like a long distance swimmer, every enterprise benefits from occasionally pausing, raising its head above the waves, looking around, and reorienting its direction of travel.

The Barrett Group is no different in this respect. We did exactly that in 2017.

Despite having successfully helped more than 2,000 executives find rewarding careers over the last two decades and more, The Barrett Group also needs to refresh and improve our services on a continual basis.

One of our clients pointed out that sometimes the average career-changer often does not have clarity on the best next step in his or her career.

That's when we began to look for an approach that would help clients think more broadly about how to target segments, industries, geographies and other dimensions of their career change that they might not have thought of originally.

Rather than invent the wheel again, we looked at business coaching organizations and the services that they provided as well as their reputations in the marketplace.

We quickly discovered that FocalPoint Business Coaching (founded by Brian Tracy) as an excellent reputation for achieving high satisfaction scores among its clients.

Brian Tracy himself has coached and trained more than 2 million executives and written more than 70 books on business success over his impressive 30 year career.

We therefore decided to enter into in alliance to leverage FocalPoint Business Coaching for our clients.

Clarity Coaching now represents a unique service that helps the Barrett Group clients improve their career targeting beyond the obvious “same industry,” “one level higher” targeting to a much broader evaluation of each client’s potential for business success and personal satisfaction.

Clarity Coaching achieves extremely high satisfaction scores among our clients and comprises three major components:

  • The Career Preference Profile (that offers tremendous insight into patterns of behavior, a basic professional development plan, and the opportunity to consider adopting compensating behaviors that will help you be more successful going forward),
  • The Whole Life Snapshot (that examines where you really are in your life with respect to four key parameters: Financial, Career, Social and Health), and
  • The Career Navigator (that will include your highly specific answers to questions such as “where am I going,” “why am I going there,“ etc. to will help you realize your ultimate potential).

These enrich the career change process and add enormous value to our clients’ career targeting.  Each session is conducted personally with a certified FocalPoint Clarity Coach.

The outcome informs our career consultants as they engage with our clients and greatly improves their ability to target optimal industries, segments, positions, and other parameters to achieve industry-leading business success and satisfaction for our clients.

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