Your Job Search May Be a Little Easier This Year

For those of you who have been unemployed and have been holding your breath hoping to land a job, you can finally exhale. This may be your year to be successful in your job search!

“We are at 8.3% in January and unless either waves of workers re-enter the job market or the economy shifts gears dramatically soon, we will be easily below 8% in just a couple of months” -Tim Duy (economist)

The current rate of unemployment in the US is at its lowest in nearly 3 years. That’s a little refreshing to hear isn’t it? Hold on there’s more! LA Times reported that employers in the US have added 243,000 new jobs in January of this year which is 100,000 more than what analysts forecasted. Yes, you read it correctly 243 NEW Jobs has been added!

Now I know it may seem a little “too good to be true” because it is still early in the year. I’m not saying that as soon as you send a resume to an employer you will automatically land an interview. What I am saying is that there is a greater chance to land a job now than it has been in the past 3 years because of the number of jobs added and the changes in unemployment.

The Bureau of Labor statistics reported that the occupations where unemployment rates aren’t as high are in professional and related occupations as well as management, business, and financial operations.

If you’re an executive searching for a job or relocation this may be the best time so don’t get discouraged in your job search. The way that it looks, the economy is doing a positive turn around slowly but surely!

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